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Real Stories by Real People

Give YourSelf Permission Magazine is a publication devoted to sharing and promoting people’s everyday stories of resilience, determination and change. After all, everyone has a story, many just want to be heard and most want to know they are not alone.

We have joined forces with paralympians, veterans, homemakers, business owners, single parents, filmmakers, lifesavers, chefs, and people like you and me to create this platform for people to share their stories.

Give YourSelf Permission Magazine is transitioning into a book. After the first issue we realized that these fantastic stories were only getting a 3 month shelf-life in magazine format, and have, therefore, decided that an Anthology of 44 inspiring and insightful essays would keep these stories alive longer.

It’s Time to Embrace True Transformation!

The idea for the magazine came after Priya’s book “Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life” was published. Readers responded positively to the personal stories illustrated in the book. As a result many mentioned that the examples helped then make healthier choices for themselves. They gave themselves permission to live their own life.

We then decided we wanted to curate a publication of other people’s stories. So much is written on high achievers that the likes of you and me can get lost in the mix – and we have just as valid experiences to share.

Not everyone can identify with the people who became astronauts or mountain climbers. We can, however, identify with the person struggled with being told they had to parent in a certain way; or the retiree who was warned that it was too risky to start their own business; or the young woman who had the most angelic singing voice but who so worried that she would make a mistake, that she was too scared to audition for the church choir. We need to hear how they finally gave themselves permission to get over their fears and self-doubt and give it a go anyway. We can learn from them, and we can all teach each other.


We want you to read the magazine and share it with friends and family. We need your help to make this a movement.

You will be a ‘Dream Team Member’ of the ‘Permission Community’.

In addition to every day stories of personal breakthrough, change and perseverance we will be running regular features on leadership, motivation, happiness and general well-being. Each issue will also have a cornerstone profile of a notable individual who took the term “Give YourSelf Permission” very seriously and really turned the world on it’s head. People like Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Michael Jordan, Princess Diana and Albert Einstein, and so on!! We would love your suggestions too.