Priya Rana Kapoor, Executive Life Coach

“My goal is to work myself out of a job because you have reached YOUR goals.”

As an Executive Life Coach, my work is to SUPPORT you in achieving your BEST LIFE possible.

People work with a coach when they are feeling confused or stuck about work or personal issues. They know they want to make changes, but they don’t know how.

As you decipher what you want for your life, I will help you explore, articulate and create your goals. At which point, we will identify the action steps needed to realise these goals and your full potential. I will hold you accountable as you commit to the plan and we can enhance, modify or change any goals/actions at any point.

Additionally, progress is sometimes hindered by old patterns of behaviour or long-held beliefs. So we may choose to look at how or why certain issues are holding you back, and how you can remove these blocks.

I will walk beside you as you navigate this path. I will celebrate your successes, encourage you during any struggles, and witness your journey and subsequent triumphs.

Clients typically work with a coach intensively in the first few months, then meet less frequently for top ups or when new issues arise.

Priya Rana Kapoor, MMFT
Executive Life Coach, Speaker & Author

“I am the coach people go to when they don’t want their company to know they are working with a coach.”



“A few years ago…I sought out a life coach and Priya came highly recommended … Initially I met with her looking for career direction, but due to her insightful and comprehensive approach ended up with so much more! … our work together touched me very deeply and resulted in opening my eyes to a whole new level of how to approach the transition and better plan for my future. I consider our sessions a complete success…”
— Julia W, PR Project Management, San Francisco

“… I started seeing Priya following a realisation that I both needed and wanted personalised coaching to help me sort out my life and my career in particular …I came to Priya confused and a bit of a mess and came out the other end highly focused and above all happy which I have remained ever since… The overall impact (was that) I set up my own real estate asset management business. Everything I learned about myself has been put into practice and … I now find my work more satisfying. I’ve also become a better partner to my other half and to my friends.”
— Alasdair-Property Asset Manager, London, UK

“I didn’t just come up with the idea to quit (my job) completely on my own. I had (my husband) , of course, but I also had an amazing woman by my side, as well. I met Priya in Sedona (one of those wonderful synchronisities) who just happens to be a fantastic coach who wrote a fantastic book called “Give YourSelf Permission To Live Your Life”. She coached me through eight weeks of staunch decision making while working through her book and it was just what I needed. This work was paramount in my decision to follow my heart and my dream, as it helped me break down every part of my questioning and forced me to really look at what I wanted and learn to give myself permission to want it and know I deserve it. Amazing. Decision made.

— Nanette Stein – Radiology Techinician, Illinois, USA